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So I have not Blogger since the other night... I don't want anyone feeling lost without me :) I've been getting a lot of positive feedback on my blog and I just want to tell you all I really appreciate the love! Never expect this site of mine to stay on one track and get boring, it will always be new, fresh and changing :) Be sure to connect with me on the various social sites out there. I am sleepy now.. had a nice night/day all.:) Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.8

Leaving the club

Well we are heading home from a club called Climax... honestly I've had the ability to be on the guestlist since it opened but I've not been there until tonight. Our boy John aka J Pimp is part of Point Blank and was celebrating his birthday tonight so we wanted to come out and show him some love.. We had a great time. The club was thick, the DJ was doin his thing and we enjoyed our night! My man, his Uncle Kevin went with me. We will definitely be going on another night :) I do enjoy the love so many promoters show me. I have guestlists at so many events and my network keeps growing. I can't wait to make it to the top because this chic right here will be remembering everyone who was there along the way and supported us from the jump! Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.8

Call of Duty

So I'm not your typical girl.. I don't get mad at my man when he plays video games and demand he get off.. I like them too! I grew up playing video games.. we had atari, nintendo, super nintendo and a few others as kids. I was the kid playing mario until I beat it.. I would throw remotes, yell and get mad BUT I would beat it nd not give up! The older I got I still played and got systems like Dream Cast, xBox, xBox 360 and now have the PlayStation 3. I love the technology.. I love the games and how I can go shooting on the battlefield, then ply a game of trivial pursuit and sort through pics and music right on my system. Do I play on it often? Honestly no... I get frustrated.. the older I get the more mad I get if I can't get it right... I can't be the only one like this?!?! The biggest issue I have had with Call of Duty is its so constantly changing.. the other players are always better than me so I felt like it made it hard to learn.. I would get overwhelmed and ju


I love Saturdays... kids are all playing or watching movies... the sun is shining in and we have a lot to do today... New locks for the doors (I lost my dead bolt key so we had to get new The plans tonight are to go celebrate the birthday of our friend J Pimp at Climax. I'm excited since we have not seen him in awhile... its also going to be our first time going to Climax.. I always have a guestlist there when I want to go but the no vehicle things lately has been a problem! I think I'm also going to start keeing track of my weight loss on here.. I think if I have a public place where all those that support me see me trying, I will be able to stick to it better! Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.8


So the other great thing about me blogging is there are great apps to use on my phone! I have an Evo 4g and I'm completely #TeamAndroid... I'm anti-blackberry... iPhone is ok but doesn't always live up to the hype... If its possible for me to share some apps direct to Blogger I will have to do some. I tend to get bored with games pretty quick but there are some great apps I can't live without! If you have some you like suggest them to me! Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.8

First Post

Yikes!! It's my first 'blog' and I'm excited! lol... as I type this my guy comes in and says hurry. get your first blog in so we can get on this Call of Duty.. haha.. Well that shows ya I have a fun relationship! :) My name is Kris, Kristy or Kristina.. I'm pretty random and love to talk so whats better than putting it all in a blog?! I've been told by many that they love reading my fb ( ) statuses especially when they need a pick me up; so here is a blog with words from yours truly! Hope you all enjoy, comment and show me love. I plan to update as often as possible about my life in the music business, motherhood, and this world around us.