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2020 Started Off a Little Weird...

Let's catch up a little:
Last year was hell. I took almost 6 months to self-care. Still posted on social media, just not as frequent and focused on getting a lot of things together. Started 2020 off celebrating hubby's birthday at a cute little AirBnB in St. Augustine and preparing for travel as my son was having surgery and daughter coming home from deployment in South Korea. These events ended up being scheduled within 10 days of each other so it got a little crazy.
So January 29 me and hubby drove to Orlando where a friend dropped us off at the airport and we took our first flight together (we have both flown independently) to Baltimore, MD then a train to DC and my oldest son picked us up there. The next two days we had an amazing time around the area visiting the Natural History Museum, African American History Museum, Hornets vs. Wizards game and more. That Friday he had an outpatient procedure on his hip and was sent home to rest. Hubby and me woke up Saturday morning feeling like our allergies had hit us hard. We grabbed some meds at the store, drove to MD to visit his Granny (who I absolutely adore) and meet up some other family for brunch which was an hour or so full of food and laughter. Then headed back to VA for dinner and settled for the evening trying to get rest and feel better. That evening we were dropped off in DC, took the train back to Baltimore, flew back to Orlando and drove back to Jacksonville.
The following Friday we hit the road for Killeen, TX to welcome Bri back from deployment. It is a 16 hour drive which can be EXHAUSTING but of course seeing her made it all worth it after having her gone for so long! We got to enjoy the first night there but on the second day while we were in Austin shopping our AirBnB was broken into and we had several things stolen. Needless to say it messed up the mood for the night and we left the next morning to come home to Florida. Since then in March she has gotten to come home to visit for a week though and we all had a great time including meeting her boyfriend, all of us having dinner at The Bearded Pig BBQ and hanging out one night at Main Event.
In March we also started hearing rumblings of a new virus over in China called a coronavirus. We thought it would be just like most of the others and cause some fear but go away just as quickly as it came but boy were we wrong.. everything changed over the course of March with the virus now being called COVID 19. They started restricting travel, stores went bare from hoarding, things began closing and when April hit we knew life would never be the same. My last day at work was April 2. The owner of our store fought to be listed as essential and remain open however I did not and had not felt safe coming in such close contact with so many people so I advised them I would not be able to return until it is safe for those of us with immunocompromised systems to be back in public regularly.
It is now May, most places were closed for almost a month. Places are now starting to open back up but many require we wear a face mask, a lot of places can only have 25% capacity and I really do not know what is next. Before I think all this would have scared me a lot more and I do have my times of anxiety for sure but I have an amazing partner in my husband who understands my health and helps me at every turn and my children are all safe and healthy. I do not plan to go back to normal for some time as COVID is SCARY. They still do not even know how all it affects the body but it is highly dangerous for me. We are working on gardening, decorating the backyard and changing things up in the home a little. If we have to be here than we need to be happy in our space as long as the outside world stays this weird. 
I'd love to tell you I am going to do better at blogging but I have said that time and time again. I need to just do it. As always, thank you for the love, make sure you are showing everyone else love, give people their space and PLEASE be careful out there. Remember there are plenty of people who want to go back to the good times, just safely ♥


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