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Graduations, DragonCon, Hurricanes and Modeling...

Life easily slips away and next thing I know it has been almost 2 months and no blog! Smh at me.. Sorry my dears but I am a work in progress.. looking forward to a time when blogging takes up the better half of my time though as writing is still one of my favorite things to do. 
So to say a lot has happened since I last blogged would be an understatement! I will break a few of the awesome events down and let you guys know what else is in store. Please make sure to follow me on my social media pages as the more you all support me the easier I reach my goals and dreams <3 Now let's try to catch y'all up without making this a mini book.. lol
First my son graduated from basic training for the United States Army. We stayed in a HORRIBLE hotel that I left quite the review on but we won't go all negative about that here. Proud obviously but not surprised about his making it through basic... lol. He was very prepared and although I still am not sure it was exactly what he expected he made it through. We stayed in touch the whole time he was there through letters and at graduation I got to meet his beautiful girlfriend. They are so cute together and it is really nice seeing how he's grown into such a remarkable young man. He is now in AIT which is the Army training school and then he's off to Ft. Drum in upstate NY which is VERY, very far from Jacksonville, FL. Yes this makes me a little sad but I am also excited for him as he ventures off into this new life of his own.
The weekend after my son's graduation hubby and I left South Carolina and headed straight to Atlanta, GA. After of course having to get our car worked on by a mechanic in South Carolina. We found him through a facebook contact which goes to show you the power and helpfulness of social media is o so real! We stayed at an AirBnB in Duluth, GA with this fabulous lady and rode the MARTA train into downtown Atlanta each day to attend DragonCon (pictures on hubby's facebook). It was our first con and it was an absolute blast. Hubby was sponsored by Con or Bust and they paid his way to be able to attend this amazing event. The panels, cosplayers, food and fun made for so much excitement. We used this year as a learning year and plan to go back next year, stay downtown and attend all 4 days. By the last day there I was struggling with my health so staying closer to the event would have made a huge difference. 
The week after arriving home from DragonCon we had to go immediately into hurricane prep mode. Hurricane Irma was barreling towards the states with Jacksonville, FL directly in it's path no matter which path she chose. I helped close things up at my day job and prep the place with the other manager as we prepared to close down for several days unknowing what to expect. Then that Saturday hubby, the kids and I packed up the car and headed to my in-laws house. They live on the other side of the river, which is more inland, in a BEAUTIFUL 4 bed/5 bath home that was safer for us than staying in our place and has more than enough space for everyone to kinda do their own thing. So grateful that we had this option as our home ended up losing power for about 5 days leaving us at their home for a week! Fortunately our home did not sustain any damage from the storm although I cannot say the same for my city. A good amount of Jax was under water and it took quite awhile for most to get power back, clean up is still underway.
Next big event was last weekend where I modeled for the 3rd time in Mode Noir's 5th Annual Real Size, Real Chic Fashion Show. This year it was held at The Union Arts Center which was beautiful. I was asked to model this year by fellow model Cynthia Clark who is an AMAZING plus size model making major moves from Jax, to Cuba, to NY and everywhere in between. Aisha and Gabby that run Mode Noir are two of the most professional designers and teachers I have met since living here in Jax. When I decided to get back into modeling here some years back they met with me and accepted me onto their 2nd Annual show. I have modeled and hosted many fashion shows and shoots since then but will ALWAYS be available to them.
Then we arrive at this weekend... my sister-in-law had her baby shower yesterday at my in-laws home, yes the same one we sought refuge from the storm in. It was a jungle theme for their baby boy and so much fun. I absolutely love my husbands family. They have not only made me and my children feel welcomed from day one but it is always so much fun being around them. We played games, ate amazingly well and just enjoyed the company of each other. I am looking forward to being there when our new nephew comes into the world <3
So I think that pretty much catches me up.. hubby is preparing for a bodybuilding show in November, I'll be guest speaking at an event this Saturday, my daughter Bri is still waiting on her date to leave for the Army and the youngest 2 are attending Florida Virtual School now so no more school drama (YAY!). I'll do better at posting, I promise just be patient with me <3


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