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I am just me...

Terms I hate: Snow Bunny Becky  I hate preconceived notions of whats expected of me.. don't tag me with some stereotype. Some image that mainstream media and ignorant rumors have created just because you see the color of my skin. I am me, I love everyone, I am far from perfect but I never set out to hurt anyone, I fully believe that what we put into this world is what we receive from it, I love hard, I'm overly sensitive, I fear success almost as much as I crave it but currently the desire to just be more, do more, and fight for more is what is winning out. My heart has been broken, coated over and shaking pretty bad right now. I'm angry with the world but it also pushed me forward. I am loyal and ride or die when my heart is involved. I am powerful, I am hip-hop and I'm a simple chic from a small city in VA who found herself in a city with potential, a city that accepted and molded me, whose music scene has changed my life, is providing me growth and accompl

The Power of Music and the Struggle of Memories...

Every so often I have to open a window or a door to my wall and let you all in on a peek of whats really going on in this mind of mine. Yes I blog and I'm on social networks discussing many things but usually that's topics for you all. Things I think will help other people, supporting various things, etc. This one however is for me. Selfish sounding perhaps but I know that by writing it chances are my words may help others as well and if that's the case then its always worth it to let down my wall, even if briefly... I was sitting here doing some work online, listening to my Pandora and one of my favorite songs from last year (2012) came on- Young Jeezy "Leave You Alone"... This is from his 103 album which is a favorite for so many reasons! I have some fantastic memories to this song and album and as soon as I hear it I think of riding around Duval, fishing on our waterways, dancing across the floor at a few places, great company, fun friends and more... You see