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The Power of Music and the Struggle of Memories...

Every so often I have to open a window or a door to my wall and let you all in on a peek of whats really going on in this mind of mine. Yes I blog and I'm on social networks discussing many things but usually that's topics for you all. Things I think will help other people, supporting various things, etc. This one however is for me. Selfish sounding perhaps but I know that by writing it chances are my words may help others as well and if that's the case then its always worth it to let down my wall, even if briefly...

I was sitting here doing some work online, listening to my Pandora and one of my favorite songs from last year (2012) came on- Young Jeezy "Leave You Alone"... This is from his 103 album which is a favorite for so many reasons! I have some fantastic memories to this song and album and as soon as I hear it I think of riding around Duval, fishing on our waterways, dancing across the floor at a few places, great company, fun friends and more... You see to me that's what music does, in an instant its a flashback of everything I was doing when that song was new and fresh. I get my own little montage of memories. Awesome right? Well yes and no....

I am the first one to tell you that I do not regret anything... yes there are a few things I wish I could change or tweak but for the most part I believe we learn from everything that happens in our life both good and bad, that every person that enters our life was meant to be there for a reason and in order for us to grow and learn we have to pay attention to the signs as we go along. Every memory is a spark to remind me of times I've lived through and what they brought into my life.

Now the flip side of that is we are talking memories.. things that have passed and sometimes are long gone. While they can be awesome they can sometimes make you think way too much, miss things too much, want things too much. The time we give to loved ones, friendships and relationships that may be awesome but over can be hard. It makes you leery on giving that time to others, of letting other people in and being hurt, lonely, scarred. So you then build that wall, protecting your heart, your mind, your feelings... It is so easy to tell people not to do this, to let loose, enjoy life and not worry about the what ifs but actually implementing that advice into your own life, ummm yea, the struggle is real....

*closes door*


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