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Hello March...

Just thought I should jump on and write an update blog..

We moved into a new apartment in December and things have been a little hectic since. We absolutely LOVE the community and we know the new company is doing amazing things to improve the property but due to our apartment being an older one and on the bottom floor, there have been some issues.. I won't get into things in depth but we're looking for them to relocate our apartment as I write this so hopefully it all improves soon. That being said we have been crazy busy and dealing with a lot as a result, including having to stay in a hotel briefly.

The best news from the last few months- Kaliyah is done with physical therapy! She broke her neck in May 2018 and finished up with her PT in February 2019. She pushes herself so hard, goes to the gym on her own and has really shown some amazing growth, even starting her own YouTube channel! It's so funny to watch your kids do things and see little pieces of yourself in it. Please make sure you hit subscribe and share her page, as she has worked hard on it all by herself from shooting to editing. She has been considering some mentoring with younger kids and I think she has potential for motivational speaking but she said she would have to think about it. I am sure public speaking may concern her a little but I know once she has done it, she'll fall in love with it.

The rest of the kiddos are doing well. My oldest was sick a few days so we got some hang out time in the hospital together but she is on the mend, my oldest son is starting college this fall and will be coming home for a month or so this summer from the Army, my middle daughter is kicking ass in the Army still as she preps for deployment this summer and my youngest son is getting his grades up and really making me think about getting him into professional gaming, the kid can really game.. lol

Hubby and I have been pitching more for grants and opportunities for Salted Culture. Jax Bridges is allowing us to pitch for the upcoming Bridge to Business event since we were unable to last year. I am really excited about that as I believe it's something that will help us in a huge way. The pic of us was from an amazing shot from the talented Adela H, book her TODAY for your hair, makeup AND photo needs! She came to our place and got some great pics for us to use on our website and promotions. We have also been working on ways to provide more content and become a more viable option for advertising and sponsoring to companies as we grow. Working for others while growing a business is difficult but we push through towards making our dreams a reality.

Stay tuned for more updates with Salted Culture as well as us as a whole and remember your likes, shares and support means more than money.. well sometimes. lol



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