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The 4 F's of my life...

I have been saying it for about a year now and have even been thinking about titling my book after it but I can break everyone in my life down into 4 f's: Family, Friends, Fans and Fakes...

This may sound harsh in some ways but its complete reality. the older you get the more you learn that not everyone has your best interests at heart and more often than not they don't care about your needs at all. We live in a world where we grow up on fairy tales of love and compassion yet are surrounded by more of the evil stepmothers and sisters of Cinderella where its more about me, me, me than anything. Let's break it down a bit more...

Family- This is a tricky title because family is generally blood. It's who you grew up with and is there through it all. You may disagree and fight yet you are family and at some level even if you don't speak there is usually some type of love and care underneath it all. Now I said tricky because randomly you will have people come into your life that are just like family. You love them, care about them and want the best for them and they can also be added to this category, provided there is a mutual respect and concern for each other.

Friends- Well too often people want to throw acquaintances into this category but they do not belong here. This category is for those people that you can call up and discuss life with, hang out with, that know your family and bring positive vibes to your environment. They aren't close enough to call your parents Mom and Dad or discipline your children but they would be there in a crisis or a fun night on the town.

Fans- I guess acquaintances would fall more into this category as well as they aren't close enough to be your friends but may support you and your movement, speak when you see them or even be fun to hang out with from time to time. These are the people you have an your social networks that speak here and there but don't really know whats going on behind the scenes in your life. If you are struggling a little with finances, a kid is sick or you get a promotion, they won't be on your call list...

Fakes- Well this category should be self-explanatory. This is for all those people that watch and want. That act like they support but talk behind your back. This is those that dislike you for no apparent reason. This can sometimes be the category that one time friends fall into for one reason or another and although they may smile in your face you best believe they are talking behind your back. They are quick to judge, make assumptions or listen to the nonsense that others spew. They knock you down and cheer when things are rough and may even find ways to make things harder.

I don't know if the 4 F's are for everyone but I honestly feel like they sum up the life of anyone in the entertainment industry and I am not upset about them anymore. I embrace them because I know that every single part of my life builds me to another step and as long as I learn from it, I can grow from it. I write this to tell you all to please be careful as you navigate this thing we call life and learn from it as well. Know that not everyone has your best interests at heart and only you can place people in the right category!


  1. Profound blog for the day! So true....keeo inspiring and motivating others. #synshaluv

    1. Thanks for reading and taking time to comment! Glad you enjoyed :)

  2. I was drunk when I read this...


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