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The lens is calling me...

Just a little vent today about an old passion...

Those that know me well know I was a photographer for 11 years... Weddings, newborns, engagements, family portraits, concerts, parties and more.. you name it, I shot it. Starting out in portrait studios back home in Virginia, I then transitioned to live events and more upon moving to Florida. I had on the job training as well as took some classes a few years into it all. I learned lighting, posing, aperture, depth-of-field and so much more. I could develop in a dark room and shoot digitally but I never learned editing. I was a natural photographer and if you wanted to alter the image, I would suggest someone that could edit for you. I loved the pure beauty of true photography.

I grew tired of it though. I began to lose my love for it and fell in love with the stage, being in front of the camera, of being Ktown and slowly but surely I took less and less photos until I no longer shot professionally and honestly I do not miss that. I don't miss the deadlines, or pressure to get what will make people happy. I don't miss the pressure to sell high or make deals on pricing. I don't miss stressed out brides or crying babies or parents that insist on the PERFECT family photo even though no one is perfect and the more you yell at your child the less likely you are to get that smile. I'd have clients that demanded so much but appreciated so very little. Over the years friends would request me to take their family pics and I would always enjoy that but the events, the babies and all of it just slowly faded into what WAS me. Part of a past Kristina that paved way for Ktown Kris. It helped me meet people, know what I liked visually and so much more. A few of the jobs I had, especially as a photographer at Great Expectations (the world's oldest & largest video dating service.. more on that in a later blog) helped me learn who I wanted to be, what I enjoyed doing and help me find ME in the midst of it all.

I do however miss photography.. not professionally, not hired by anyone, not for anyone else really than me. I miss capturing those moments, being able to get the shot that I want. I have an amazing camera on my phone that makes backstage and vacation shots lots of fun but I miss being able to set up my tripod and capture that perfect sunset or those long range shots I can only really get with a DSLR. My husband continues to tell me often I should get back into photography and he is so grateful I can grab some awesome shots of him every now and then when we are out and about.. I don't know, maybe I'll get back into it, only for me though, on my terms because I never want to fully lose the love I have for a beautiful photo...


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